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photo by Graf Kirk

At Pivot Movement you will find a place to belong.
We offer adaptive & inclusive Dance and Yoga in a supportive, compassionate, and joy-filled class.
We also have performances to uplift our community.
Your unique abilities will be supported and your special talents allowed to shine!

Want to be more inclusive? I'll support and train you to be a confident inclusive/adaptive teacher.

Ali Moto Founder/Owner

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Tel. 208-850-6869
Boise, Idaho 83702



Thursday Dance 3:00 - 4:00pm


Yoga 4:00 - 5:00pm

Broadway Dance & Events

893 E. Boise Ave

Boise 83706




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“Ali has the most amazing heart. She is able to articulate to her students the best messages and she is always looking for new & innovative ways to showcase everyone's talents. Love, kindness, and acceptance at it's finest. One of the best people on this planet."

— Pam White-Hasbrouck

“Ali is a wonderful teacher. She has an extensive background and such a talent for bringing inclusion into the dance and yoga community. Everyone has a huge smile on their face during class.”

— Cheryl Honeycutt - Gibson

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