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Movement is our first language. It is the dance of life. Dance and movement both express and affect how we feel. In DMT, movement is used as a vehicle for self-expression, insight, and behavioral change in an affirming, non-judgmental environment. It is an effective treatment for people with psychological, social, developmental, neurological, and physical challenges.

As a vehicle for self-growth and actualization, DMT is a creative, expressive, and profound process for anyone working toward overall well-being. As a mind-body approach, dance/movement therapy can also be integrated into health and wellness education, facilitating self-care, socialization, creativity and empowerment.

Registered and Board Certified dance/movement therapists have completed a master’s degree in a program approved by the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA).

For over 50 years, Dance/Movement Therapists have pioneered the understanding of how body and mind interact in health and in illness. Whether the issue is the will to live, a search for meaning or motility, or the ability to feel love for life, Dance/Movement Therapists mobilize resources from that place within the self where body and mind are one.


Dance/Movement Therapy Promotes:

  • A healthy relationship between body and mind

  • Positive self-esteem and body awareness

  • Emotional expression and stability

  • Innovative problem solving, creativity and playfulness

  • Enhanced communication skills and healthy relationships

  • Focus and attention

  • Gross and fine motor skill development

- DMT is Offered by Appointment only

Contact Ali for more information or to make an appointment.

Cost for sessions are on a sliding fee.

This fee is determined privately with Ali and the client.