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Dancers bowing after performance at College of Southern Idaho

The workshop taught by Ali Moto about inclusive choreography was eye opening.

I had never thought of such methods before.

I personally love how the limitations that were put upon us as a group increased our creativity.

Ali had us play with ideas using a wheelchair and a piece of material.

Her workshop was fun and intellectually enlarging.

Her workshop is what started my desire to make the dance community more inclusive.

I will be forever grateful for the experience and opportunity I had to learn about inclusive choreography from Ali Landers. 

Savanna Jarvis

Dancers at College of Southern Idaho

Inclusive & Adaptive Dance CSI


Transitioning the Dance Community: Inclusivity, Accessible & Adaptive

Whether you are a dance instructor, drama teacher, physical education teacher, special education teacher, or a student studying from these fields, you will benefit from training that incorporates how to teach from an inclusive and adaptive perspective.

This in-depth training is hands-on and experiential. It includes a broad and specific, unique approach, that enables you, the student, to comprehend and embody a neutral mindset and style that will give you confidence as an inclusive/adaptive instructor, dancer, and choreographer.

Being a confident inclusive and adaptive instructor requires a change in perception. Your perspective, language, and actions must shift to a more inclusive way of thinking. This takes practice, reflection, and asking some at times difficult questions.

This training gives you space, practice, and nurturing to do all those things in a way that supports you on your journey.

We discuss hard topics, we ask questions the mainstream doesn't often think about, and we practice together in a supportive way that allows you to be vulnerable and gain confidence and compassion.

"Difference is a rich starting point for any creative initiative."  - Burridge Dance, Access & Inclusion

Inclusive Training includes all or some of these topics. Each training is specific to the group's needs and specifications.

  • What is Inclusion

  • The Benefits of Having an Inclusive Community

  • Neutral Language

  • Neutral Teaching style

  • Advocacy, Disability Rights

  • Being Prepared - Access

  • Wheelchairs

  • Experiential Hands-on Training

  • Building a Compassionate Classroom

Inclusive Training

Inclusive Training

And as we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Nelson Mandela

Students at BSU during inclusive workshop by Ali Moto
BSU students during workshop

The entrance of differently abled people into dance studies creates vital opening for new experience, for confusion, for connection and, most importantly, for dialogue about what the art of dance can signify.

Adam Benjamin CANDOCO Dance Co. 2002

Inclusive & Adaptive Dance BYU

Dancers BSU doing exercise
Dancers at CSI doing movement exercise

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