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Owner-Founder/ Instructor/ Therapist/ Choreographer/Screendance Filmmaker


Idaho Dance Theatre - President

Making Dreams Come True (Inclusive) Adventures - Secretary


Movement and Dance have always been a part of who I am. They are in my heart and bones. I've experienced life-altering connections and transformations through dance and its holistic ability to bring out everyone's remarkable, unique



 My intention as an inclusive dance & yoga educator, instructor and choreographer is to facilitate & nurture a person's personal freedom of artistic, physical and emotional expression of movement that is unique and beautiful to each individual. I also intend to transform each student into a more compassionate person towards others and themselves that is then translated into compassionate connections as human beings. Which in turn changes our world into a more compassionate place.

"I want my students to feel supported in their personal  artistic & physical  expression of movement."

I've been instructing and choreographing inclusive dance for over 9 years. Including hundreds of students and groups of all ages and abilities from Idaho.

I've created over 30 accessible pieces of choreography and have built a curriculum and instruction for dance and yoga, that is built on the foundations of inclusion, and neutral/accessible verbal and non-verbal instruction. It's adapted to support many unique movements and ways of expression.


My therapeutic work includes leading individual and women's sessions/workshops using psycho-somatic methods and dance that is trauma informed, to change thinking/neurological patterns and behaviors. I also have ongoing private somatic work.




  • Somatic Movement Education & Therapy - ISMET

  • Methods and Strategies for Sustaining and Maintaining Inclusive Dance & The Language of Dance - American Dance Education

  • Somatic Integrated/Creative Movement - Naropa University

  • Dance Ability Inclusive Choreography - Dance Ability International

  • Neurological/Emotional Therapeutic Connections Through Movement - ADTA

  • College Educator: BYU Dance Education Program & College Of Southern Idaho Dance Program


It has been my privilege to participate in the International 9-day Summer Dance Intensive for Integrated Dance - with the professional

Axis Dance Company in Oakland, CA.


I've currently finished an inclusive, fundamental, and simple teaching curriculum for educating based on a neutral, adaptive teaching model. I'm working on a book based on the model  and hope to publish it soon.

This experience is so multifaceted and is changing how educators and dancers perceive what dance ultimately is and it's full potential when inclusive. They are understanding it is a rethinking about movement and abilities and self-expression. My educators are seeing the connection between compassion and self-expression and it is a Beautiful Thing!


I can think of nothing more joyfilled and rewarding then sharing my experience with others who want to participate in inclusive movement in their communities.

I'm passionate about making our world a more excepting one through teaching the beauty and compassion of inclusive expression and education.

"By letting our light shine, we allow others to let theirs shine too!"

- Marianne Williamson