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PIVOT - Is the center, a place to depend on.

A place to move from and around, it's the heart.


OUR VISION: To uplift and celebrate the beauty of self-expression and benefits of movement in a supportive, nurturing and inclusive environment that brings joy & compassion to the mover's life.

To embrace each individual's gifts & talents and support their unique way of moving. And to ultimately shift perceptions and attitudes about those needing support in our community from one of exclusion, to one of greater understanding, compassion, and delighting in our wonderful differences.



OUR MISSION: To offer the community adaptive, accepting, and supportive dance, yoga, and Movement Therapy environment with skilled and experienced guidance that is safe, accepting and lively. Pivot classes are taught with a People-First philosophy. This is modeled by the instructor, and the dancers/yogis creating a close, caring community. Dancers and Yogis are respected for their individuality in an environment adapted for their specific needs. In this way we emphasize a person's accomplishments, creative talents and expression.

This attitude is carried into the participants lives and uplifts the individual filling their community with love and inclusion. For More on People First Language & to hear Ali's personal story go to Blog Page





Dance with us and/or give the gift of dance.

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