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Our Inclusive & Adaptive Love Story on KTVB. Dance Connects Us.

Updated: May 26, 2020

Sharing the Love and the Joy with our Pivot Inclusive Story and mission as a 7's Hero on KTVB. Click the Link:

Dancing at our 7's Hero story at the Boise Train Depot 2019

We are so honored and filled with joy that our story of belonging, inclusivity and compassion was shared with our Boise community. KTVB did a wonderful job of showing how much we love dance and how dedicated and determined we are to share dance with everyone. We have passion and kindness and those things go a long way. Thank you dancers, supporters, parents and caregivers for making dance possible for all of the Pivot students.

Jeanette picking a card
It's about Joy & Love

At Pivot Movement we are so acutely aware of the power and compassion accessible dance brings to us individually and in our community. It's a beacon of hope in hard times.

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