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People Needing More Support in Our Communities

Critical disability theory is the idea that disability is socially constructed. It also states that the environment and it's attitudes makes up what is considered the disability. Because, people needing more support in our community aren't "dis" abled at all, they are, as my friend Jennifer puts it, "extra-abled."

Critical disability theory doesn't see people needing support as victims, instead it points out the community and world that aren't providing support the ones doing the labeling. Sadly, discrimination against people with disabilities is so common that it is invisible to many. I've witnessed this often while out with my Adventure Girls or while dancing with my dancers in public. One of my dancers even said to me, "I'm used to being stared at." Diversity needs to be embraced and supported in our community. We never know when we may be the one needing the support.

Disability should be recognized with true minority group status, instead of viewed as an anomaly. To take this a step farther since it is the environment that creates the disability, we must change the environment and our attitudes, to an accepting and supportive one that adapts and is accessible. How do we do this? We do it by supporting community services providing accessible services, we make our businesses and streets and community accessible, we educate ourselves on the best accepting language and practices and we educate others.

Please support me in making it possible to provide the amazing gift of movement to those in our community who may not know about my services or those who can't afford my classes. As the only private instructor in the Treasure Valley, I know how significant and impactful access to movement that is adaptive can be. It's my passion to share that impact with as many people in our community as possible, but I can only do that with my communities support. Give to the student scholarship fund at Thank you! and come visit us anytime! We are at The Gem Center for the Arts in Boise.

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